Solutions to Improve Dealership Operations

Driver License Scan

DealerPeak Plus Automotive Dealership Desk Tool features a mobile driver license scan. To begin with, this permits the sales associate the take a picture of the customer's license on the lot, Then upload to the CRM cloud, and instantly create a customer profile.

SMS, MMS & Video Text

Keeping a record of a conversation is vital for smooth dealership operations. DealerPeak Plus’s communication tools permit users to create alerts via SMS/MMS, video, and likewise, phone call recording. Store and access records and also, set-up custom alerts.

Vin Scan

Improve trade input with DealerPeak Plus Vin Scan. Using this easy feature allows sales associates to scan the VIN tag. Users then upload it to the mobile CRM. Also, create a vehicle profile. Finally, add vehicle data, photos, and also, specifics to accelerate appraisals.

Desk Deal

Looking to adjust deals for maximum profits? Or swap credit application data to improve customer’s loan approval? DealerPeak Plus Automotive Dealership Desk Tool permits users to navigate and adjust deals remotely, most notably, from any location.