OEM Certifications For Lead Management

Full OEM Compatibility.

The team at DealerPeak Plus understands the value of creating solid partnerships with OEM manufacturers. We’ve received multiple OEM certifications with them, which permits us to provide more robust sales and lead management tools to our franchise dealership partners.

OEM Certifications to Drive Dealership Business

A sales lead is only as good as the follow-up completed by franchise dealerships. We all understand that contacting customers is a vital component for beginning and completing the sales process. This is why DealerPeak Plus has established OEM Certifications that comply with the dispositions on data processing for each, individual manufacturer.

Our OEM Certifications are updated immediately, allowing our valued clients to access up-to-date incentives and access lead dispositions. Top selling brands from Toyota, Nissan, and Ford have trusted DealerPeak to integrate OEM Certifications in our CRM solutions for years. As do luxury brands Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Porsche.


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