A Complete Mobile Automotive Car Dealer CRM Software

The Next Evolution of DealerPeak

DealerPeak Plus – A Complete Mobile Automotive Car Dealer CRM

DealerPeak Plus is the first, completely accessible mobile automotive car dealer CRM software solution. It helps the multiple location manager and sales team streamline the daily dealership activities. This lets them focus on driving sales and closing deals.

DealerPeak Plus includes solutions designed to manage multiple dealerships from a single mobile device. It simplifies daily tasks including sales leads, customer sales, and website management. Likewise, improve communication, inventory control, and also reporting solutions.

This is a robust, cloud-based CRM built for the dealership network with multiple locations. Our solutions are scalable, customized based on sales volume, personal taste, and also more. The user-friendly car dealers CRM allows users to navigate each tool at their pace.

It also features a custom dashboard, set-up to their preferences. Users can access each tool of DealerPeak Plus from their desktop, laptop, tablets, and also mobile smartphones.

The DealerPeak Evolution

DealerPeak LLC has a mission to help dealers of all size and also scope improve their daily activities. We help dealerships of all size. From the small, privately owned used car dealer, likewise to multiple location networks. Most importantly, we customize our CRM solutions to fit the needs of each customer. We fill them will tools that help improve sales or enhance customer service. Most importantly, this CRM also streamlines dealer efficiency.


CarDog is our first, mobile-friendly car dealer CRM. This CRM is designed for the independent car dealership. It also helps the individual sales associate looking for a competitive advantage. Access complete CRM connectivity likewise from any mobile device.

DealerPeak Classic

Dealerpeak Classic is the Bentley of enterprise-level, multiple location CRM’s. It is developed with robust sales, reporting, and also automated tools. This CRM is a complete dealer sales solution. It is also accessible from the palm of your hand. 

What is DealerPeak Plus?

Finally, dealerships with multiple locations have a new tool at their disposal. DealerPeak Plus is also the perfect solution. This robust, and also fully accessible mobile automotive car dealer CRM software solution is made by DealerPeak, LLC.

As more online car sales platforms rise, consumers have more options for hassle-free car purchases. Staying ahead of the curve and also finding affordable ways of improving the customer sales experience is a must for car dealers.

First and foremost, DealerPeak Plus helps dealers from single new car lots to multiple franchise locations. Second, it manages their resources better, improves sales efficiency, and drive business to their lot. Most importantly, all features used directly from the palm of your hand.

Communicating with employees, dealers, vendors, and most importantly your customers are easy with DealerPeak Plus. This powerful CRM is completely accessible from your mobile device. Create automation alerts, reports, and communication tools that can alert you.

First, automate your workflow, improve sales conversions, and also manage leads. Second, use all tools from your tablets, desktop, laptops and also your mobile phone. Finally, set up your phone calls or voicemail, push trade-in deals to appraisal, or instantly upload a driver license from the lot. DealerPeak Plus offers complete car dealership solutions.

DealerPeak, LLC launched in 1999, with a mission to support 17 franchise dealerships that were expanding quickly. It began with creating an enterprise-level web platform for lead retention. This project quickly grew into a robust Internet Lead Management (ILM) platform. Eventually, DealerPeak expanded our reach to provide dealerships with CRM solutions, customized for their individual needs.

Our desire to develop mobile automotive dealer CRM solutions is strong. It is only eclipsed by our dedication to superior customer support. First, DealerPeak prides itself at delivering 100 percent transparency. Second, we strive to exceed the expectations of each customer we serve. Finally, we develop cutting-edge technology that is simple to use and provides real-world solutions.

About DealerPeak Plus – Mobile Automotive Independent Car Dealership CRM

DealerPeak Plus is the latest DealerPeak Evolution. This completely accessible mobile car dealer CRM is customized for the dealership with multiple locations within their network. Altogether, DealerPeak Plus is a robust, easy to access, and also customizable mobile CRM solution.

DealerPeak Plus is a cloud-based CRM solution. It permits users to access all tools from any device, at any location, and also at any time. Users can set up a custom dashboard setting, alerts, notifications, reporting tools, and more. Improve daily dealership activities including scanning driver license of customers or creating trade details. Also improve deal-making, pulling credit, and also inventory control. Most importantly, all from your mobile device.

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