DealerPeak Plus connects multiple locations under a single sales umbrella. Sales associates can also scan a customer driver license and auto-populate a new customer CRM entry. Likewise, pull credit, and push forward deals to decision makers. 


Manage marketing campaigns with DealerPeak Plus. Our Automotive Vehicle Dealership CRM permits users to create, manage, fine-tune, and also review metrics. Each marketing tool is fully accessible from any mobile device. Even your mobile device and also tablet. 


This Automotive Vehicle Dealership CRM improves communication among multiple lots. Send and store SMS/MMS/Video and also mobile phone messages. And also create lead management solutions. Finally, all tools can be used at all locations. 


Improve customer service, boost sales, and also office efficiency with automation tools. DealerPeak Plus likewise features automation for reports, communication, and marketing, sales. Finally, custom alerts are custom designed for your comfort level.

Solutions for Multiple Location Dealerships

DealerPeak Plus is the next level of automotive vehicle dealership CRM software. We’ve worked with dealers from the independently owned, to also, enterprise-level. DealerPeak Plus is the perfect middle ground, of robust, user-friendly features, to full dealership sales. Before checking out the tools, take a sneak peek at feedback from our loyal customers. 

With 7 dealerships under one umbrella, finding technical tools to manage each location is tricky. It’s also time-consuming. DealerPeak Plus is the CRM that I’ve been looking for. It works great for our network of used car dealerships.

First, our team uses DealerPeak Plus to provide the sales team with a complete mobile sales tool. They are able to stay with the customer throughout the sales, deal, trade-in, and most importantly, closing process. 

To begin with, we’ve been loyal automotive CRM users for years. When it came time to upgrade our solutions, DealerPeak Plus was the fit. Most importantly, the scalable fit for our network of 30 dealerships in 3 states.

Compare DealerPeak Plus Automotive Vehicle Dealership CRM

To summarize, DealerPeak Plus contains technology and tools that are better than others. Full texting, video, desking, enterprise data, and also appraisal data are accessed from any mobile device. Finally, check out this new automotive vehicle dealership CRM and compare against others. 

DealerPeak Plus

Score: 100


OEM Certifications

DealerPeak Plus has multiple OEM certifications which permit us to provide more robust sales and lead management tools to our franchise dealership partners.

What is DealerPeak Plus?

First and Foremost, DealerPeak Plus is an Automotive Vehicle Dealership CRM software solution. Second, DealerPeak Plus is the next evolution of the Dealerpeak, LLC network of car dealership CRM solutions. Next, includes cloud-based technology. It permits users to access and manage every tool from any device.

DealerPeak Plus is scalable, robust, and likewise customized to individual user comfort. Namely, DealerPeak Plus puts the power of complete dealership sales in the palm of each users hand.

To begin with, it arms sales team with powerful tools. Instantly scan a customer driver license, auto-populate CRM entry, upload VIN numbers for trade and also appraisals. Finally, each user can push towards approval.

Finally, if you want to learn more, take a look under the hood.

Built to Manage Multiple Car Dealerships

First of all, one of the biggest issues with using any CRM is getting people to get on board. Whether it’s due to lack of access, many automotive new vehicle dealership CRM solutions are just too complex to start.

However, what if a CRM was mobile friendly? Since almost everyone uses a mobile device daily, we likewise designed DealerPeak Plus to fit this need.

Welcome to DealerPeak Plus. It is the complete mobile Automotive Vehicle Dealership CRM multiple location dealerships have been searching for years.

Mainly, DealerPeak Plus has been developed for speed, accuracy, and likewise sales and workflow. It is also scalable, allowing growing dealerships to expand offerings or users with ease.

Most importantly, DealerPeak Plus includes a team of automotive and CRM technical gurus. Finally, they have years of experience working at and with car dealerships.

A Robust Automotive Independent Car Dealership CRM

Ultimately, DealerPeak Plus takes the average car dealer CRM and elevates it. It also is accessed with multiple locations.

It’s a game-changing customer relationship management solution namely. And it is likewise, built for a single dealership or those with multiple locations.

Managers at corporate offices or each dealer can likewise set up customized reporting, alerts, and also, marketing campaigns. In contrast, the platform dashboard is set up to individual user preferences.

As a result, DealerPeak Plus Automotive Vehicle Dealership CRM helps to improve lead conversions, streamline communication, and also expedite sales.

CRM Tools to Automate Daily Dealership Duties

To summarize, flexibility is the name of the game with DealerPeak Plus. This automotive vehicle dealership CRM software solution is perfect for a dealership of any size or scope.

First of all, the customized features permit sales associates to input customer and also vehicle data from their mobile device. Second, content, photos, and likewise videos are sent to the DealerPeak Plus cloud. Third, apps are accessed remotely by other dealership team members from any device.

Finally, when used correctly, DealerPeak Plus can drive traffic to dealer websites, locations, and also increase leads. It is also a chance for follow-up and happy customers.

Powerful Tools

Sell: To begin with, DealerPeak Plus includes power sales tools. Second, scan customers driver license and also, vehicle VIN numbers. Third, users can then link vehicles of interest or trade-ins to customers CRM profile. Finally, take photos, video, and upload vehicle data to push forward to appraisal desk.

Communicate: As an example, another powerful feature of DealerPeak Plus automotive new vehicle dealership CRM are communication tools. First off, it improves contact among team members, vendors, customers, and also, other dealerships in the network.  Second, set up auto video, photo and text message upload, and forwarding. Finally, telephony services like mobile phone lines, call forwarding, and also voice mail is custom built.

Optimize Efficiency

Automate: DealerPeak Plus Automotive Vehicle Dealership CRM lets users create an automated workflow, push notifications, and likewise create sales automation solutions. Auto report forwarding to multiple dealerships, managers, and also departments, for instance, is simple with DealerPeak Plus.

Market: Users can access and edit their dealership website content from any mobile device with DealerPeak Plus. Finally, create multiple lead collection and retention campaigns, target marketing programs, and also review reports, metrics, and likewise, ROI.

Our Solutions > Desk Deal

Manage Deals from Any Location

DealerPeak Plus helps time-strapped managers and also, sales associates make and manage deals from multiple locations. First off, input finance information, pull credit ratings, swap applicants, and also, share figures with customers. When numbers are set, push forward.

Desk Deals

Review multiple scan types (retail or selling price, a profit percentage, max profit, and also generic) to maximize your closing rates and profits.

Tablet Compatible

The DealerPeak Plus App is tablet enabled. Mainly, this permits sales managers and other dealership staff to share screen data with customers.

Credit App​

DealerPeak Plus permits sales professionals to access and also, print credit apps from their mobile device. Take pictures of finished apps and likewise, push forward to finance.

Push to Approval​

Finally, when everybody agrees on the deal terms, it can be pushed forward via text, email, and also a desktop notification.

Our Solutions > Target Market

Target Marketing Made Easy​

DealerPeak Plus automotive CRM provides multiple location dealerships with the flexibility to create, manage, and review target marketing and lead collection campaigns. Identify potential customers, organize data, review success and metrics, ROI and also custom reporting.

Identify Potential Leads

The powerful tools in our mobile car dealership CRM let users personalize lead collection campaigns, based on vehicle interest, demographic data, and additional criteria.

Organize Big Data

With all lead submissions, data is organized into customized files. This permits streamlined access and better opportunities for customer follow-up during downtime.

Delivery & Spam

Data and lead campaigns can be reviewed individually for KPI benchmarks and other valuable metrics. Reports and metrics are customized for individual dealership goals.

Tune Up for Success

Upon reviewing data, users can fine-tune and adjust campaigns to improve successful capture and closure rate, improve sales conversions, and enhance dealer profitability.

Our Solutions > Communication

Store, Receive, Send Video & Text

DealerPeak Plus put the power of mobile text, SMS, MMS and also, video in the palm of your hand. Organize, store, and access all vendor or likewise, customer communication from one, easy to access and navigate dashboard. 

Receive and Send Text

Access customer info from the DealerPeak Plus app. Review communication records, and also, send or receive a text message. Ultimately, with no need to toggle to different screens.

Video MMS Messaging

Take video from tablets or mobile device and send immediately to lenders, appraisal, managers, vendors, and also, customers - directly from the dealership lot or any location.


Next, review immediate notifications of incoming communication, and also select between text, phone, desktop, or email answering options.


Finally, DealerPeak Plus features a mobile platform that permits users to organize video/text messaging and also assign to CRM contacts.

Our Solutions > Task Automation

Complete Automated Solutions

The DealerPeak Plus Auto-Pilot streamlines automation among multiple dealership locations – from a single mobile device. Create automated actions to alert you to incoming communication, reports, or potential deals.

Text Alerts​

DealerPeak Plus was created to provide busy dealership managers and sales associates automated solutions for incoming text notifications.

Email Alerts​

Never miss emails from leads, vendors, customers, or management. DealerPeak Plus can set up automated alerts to notify you when emails are waiting for your reply. ​

Desktop Alerts

Desktop alerts can likewise be set up to notify you of deals, credit apps, customer inquiries, emails, text, and also other dealership activities.

Activity Workflow

The DealerPeak Plus Activity Workflow is configurable to your personal preference, and that of each user. This results in higher ROI.

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